commission terms of service

Before you contact

Before requesting a commission slot, have these items prepared:

  1. Reference images, at least two is preferred
    1. Must be clear and reasonably sized
    2. If no references exist, make sure the written description is clear, concise, and remains unambiguous throughout
  2. Half payment upfront. Icons and commissions less than $40 require upfront payment
  3. If you have a deadline in mind, please make this known right away so I can see if I can fit it into my schedule and queue


Please contact me with your ideas and reference images. I will respond via email if I can take your commission! If necessary, we can discuss your ideas further. Payment upfront is required to obtain a slot in the queue. Payments are done via Paypal invoice in either half or full amounts depending on the commission.

When I begin work on your slot, I will draw you a quick sketch and email you for approval.

Once the sketch has been approved, I require the rest of the commission payment, if appropriate, to begin working on the full image.

Again, invoices will be sent via PayPal for each payment required. I won’t start or continue work if payment hasn’t been received.

subject matter

Please contact me with any questions about the subject matter I will and won't draw.

additional work, refunds, etc

You may request a refund at any time during the work is in progress. If the work is more than halfway complete, you may not get refunded more than 50%. If the work is complete, no refunds will be issued.

I reserve the right to charge additional payment for what I consider to be extra work or hours put into the commission at any time for any reason. To avoid this, please do your part as the client to prevent "scope creep" and more make sure your ideas are complete at the time of submission. Please keep future revisions, should they occur, reasonable.